During 2013 I was privileged to participate in a pilot for a new marketing paradigm – based on the best selling book by Lynn Serafinn – The 7 Graces of Marketing.     If you are like me and you are over the deceptive, competitive ways we market, which leaves you feeling totally disconnected, then this new approach may appeal to you.   As a person who likes to be upfront, transparent and direct, nothing annoys me more than distraction where everything but the bottom line is touted.    It is refreshing to be in a collaborative environment where we each move forward in our business with trust and respect for each other, even those in the same field. After decades of aggressive marketing, its time to renew and reconnect.

Lynn has just written her latest blog and I reproduce it here for your interest.  I welcome your thoughts. You may not agree with all the points, but all discussion helps us to build a better future.



Is Community Essential to the New Marketing Paradigm? (via 7 Graces of Marketing – Ethical Marketing for Social Entrepr)

Lynn Serafinn looks at how modern marketing is now a dialogue with our audience, and how the cyber-community is an integral part of our business success. Throughout the 20th Century, old-school marketing was primarily a one-way form of communication…