Do you struggle with managing your facebook posting, but you are confused about all the third party applications out there?   Well facebook have made it super easy for page owners to manage their pages with the recent introduction of facebook page scheduling.

It is super simple to use and ideal for small business who are time poor.     You can now schedule your posts up to six months in advance, in 15 minute intervals.

Here all you need to do.

  • Go to your page
  • Start a new comment, but you will now see at the bottom left, a small clock symbol
  • Click on the comment and you will be asked firstly the year, then month, day, time etc.
  • You can even back-schedule so that a post appears in the past in your timeline. – can be handy if there is something you wished was there – perhaps an earlier blog you did before you set up your page.  (only as far as 2011 however)


  • Click on Schedule at the lower right side
  • There you go .. your post has now been scheduled.

If you need to change the date or remove the post, simply go to the Admin Panel (as the admin, not the page) and under Manage you will see Use Activity Log.   You can make changes to time or delete the post from the Actvity Log.

Great little tip and hope it helps!


– Fiona