Have you been getting confused or curious when looking at a facebook page and you see the number of likes and then  “xx” are talking about this?    I’ve had a few people ask me about these lately, so here is a quick post to help you to understand.

Before you walk (click)  away from a page because only 6 people are talking about it – stop.   This number relates to the number of unique visitors to the page across a week.    In other words, 100 people might have just had a look at the page, but they only read, they didn’t share, like, post, tag  or comment etc.

The question is whether this a good metric for the general public to see?    Do you engage with a page because you like the content, or are you influenced by this figure?    Although it may be a useful insight for a page manager, I’m not sure if it is always a positive thing. For new pages it may not be indicative of how brilliant a page might truly be, simply because they are still building a great community.    On the other hand, it may be indicative that a page has the type of content which attracts a lot of action.  So the  important lesson here is – don’t judge a page simply by its “talking factor”.

One thing i believe it does do, is highlight the need for genuine fans of your page, and not “brought” likes.  You will not get any interaction from “buying” likes, and it may be more off putting to see a page with 2000 fans and no interaction at all.

If you are a page manager, make sure you analyse all of your insights to develop a better understanding of who your fans are and the types of information they like.  Once your page has more than 30 fans you can access insights, although you really want more than 100 fans for the insights to start having relevance.

To check insights of a page you own or manage, click on Admin panel.  You will see the insight graphic.  Click on See All to the right of the graphic.  You will now be able to see the total reach of your post, how many likes, how many unique visitors.  To drill down further and see which individual posts received the most engagement, click on the Overview button.  This opens up the statistics on each of your posts.     You can sort the total engaged users from high to low and start gaining an understanding  of  what types of posts are most interesting and get the best response from your  fans.  You can drill down even further by clicking on the number of engaged users against an individual post, which will open up another graph.  This graph shows you how many individual unique users have clicked on the post.  It also provides a pie chart which demonstrates further user activity including photo views (how many people actually clicked on a picture  to view it); other clicks which shows that the reader explored further such as looking at who else liked the post; stories generated – this represents the likes, comments, shares and activities such as answering a question. Finally the negative feedback lets you know how many people hid or blocked your content.

All of these insights give you value information about your business.   If you notice a lot of negative feedback then perhaps you are not providing the right sort of information, or perhaps you have attracted the wrong “tribe”.     Use this information to build a strong community by providing targeted and interesting content which is responsive to the needs of your fans.

I hope you find this information helpful – happy analysing!