Ethical Marketing – a new approach

During 2013 I was privileged to participate in a pilot for a new marketing paradigm – based on the best selling book by Lynn Serafinn – The 7 Graces of Marketing.     If you are like me and you are over the deceptive, competitive ways we market, which leaves you feeling totally disconnected, then this new approach may appeal to you.   As a person who likes to be upfront, transparent and...

Recommendations Overboard? – 6 Linkedin Etiquette tips

Recommendations Overboard?   – 6 Linkedin Etiquette tips A great way to build reputation is to have quality testimonials and recommendations on your website, blog or other social media platforms.    We all like to listen to the opinions of others – it helps shape our own.   Endorsements can really help people to decide if they want to do business with you, but when is it too much of a good thing? Recently my colleagues and I have noticed that...

Friending – guest infographic from iRespectOnline


Don’t get caught out!

Don’t get caught out! After observing a few posts on friend’s walls lately, I was moved to write this post.    It is really so important that you think before you post.   If you are taking a day off work – and there is a picture of you having a lovely long weekend, it really doesn’t go down well.   Even though your boss might not be on your facebook – other colleagues might be and it...

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